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Education opens up a world of possibilities and is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty. When families are struggling financially or emotionally, these family stressors can affect the whole household including children's learning. Therefore, supporting the whole family goes hand in hand with provide quality academic support systems.

Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood (CVPromise)

Coordinated by South Bay Community Services (SBCS) and brings together a collaboration of partners focused on family, education, health and community to provide children in Castle Park neighborhood with the kind of opportunities they need to excel in school, get into college, find good jobs and lead healthy lives.

What is a Promise Neighborhood? Inspired by the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone, President Obama initiated Promise Neighborhoods – a federally funded program to provide comprehensive approaches to changing the odds for our struggling most at risk children.

Bringing the Promise to Chula Vista. SBCS has long believed that family struggles do not remain isolated – families as a whole are affected as well as the community in which they live. That is why, it made perfect sense for SBCS to reach out to its community partners and bring the Promise to Chula Vista families. Chula Vista Promise Neighborhoods was one of seven awarded the 2012 Promise Neighborhood implementation grant fund. Together, CVPromise partners are moving the dial and making the promise a reality. 

Castle Park Community. CVPromise’s target neighborhood of Castle Park covers 33 census blocks and has a population of about 7,000. It is characterized by high rates of poverty, low English language proficiency and lack of early learning supports. About 67% of adults do not have their high school diploma and 52% of households do not have an adult employed full time.

Promise Schools:  CVPromise supports as in on the campuses of Castle Park Elementary, Castle Park Middle School, Castle Park High School and Hilltop Middle School and Hilltop High School. 

2015 - 2016 DATA SNAPSHOT

For more visit CVPromise Website or call 619-422-5005



Many of the youth we serve do not have the means to participate in formal sport leagues or clubs - nor the means to participate in many after school activities. 

In partnership with Sweetwater Unified School District, SBCS After-School provide students a safe place for when school is over and an atmosphere where students can engage in activities that benefit their academics and overall physical and mental health. In addition to providing team sports opportunities like soccer and baseball – and even dance – students also are provided tutoring assistance and mentoring.



SBCS’ Mi Escuelita Therapeutic Preschool, in operation since 2006, is the only one of it’s kind designed especially for children affected by domestic violence and abuse to help break the cycle of violence. Currently, 72 children age’s three to five are enrolled. With three full time therapist on site and specialized staff, the children are provided a safe place to learn and heal. The school also works closely with the children’s caregivers – parent, family member or foster parents – to help them with behavior issues and learning opportunities when children are away from the classroom. A UCSD longitudinal study currently underway has shown that Mi Escuelita children are doing well in school and are scoring above the Chula Vista Elementary School District average on both the state math and reading tests.