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Quick Glance Data 2016-2017


Because 90% of a child's brain is developed before the age of five, SBCS and its partners provide support programs for families with young children to create strong foundations.

  • 98% of children ages three to five traumatized by family violence and child abuse showed developmental gains while attending Mi Escuelita.
  • 94% of children ages 0-5 showed behavior gains, as reported by their parent/caregiver, after completing Healthy Development Services.

Because 80% of chronic mental health disorders begin in childhood, SBCS and its partners provide services to help prevent and treat mental health concerns in youth.

  • 2,895 children were screened for behavioral health issues at nine schools in four school districts
  • 94% of children and adolescents with a serious mental health impairment showed improvement in their life after treatment in our children's mental health program.

Because home visitation is effective in reaching vulnerable families, SBCS and its partners provide various in-home services.

  • 437 families involved with child welfare services received home visiting from Community Services for Families Associates
  • The acceptance rate for our First Steps Program which serves the military, teen, immigrant/refugee, and low-income families was 73% and 2,140 home visits were provided.



  • Community Assessment team served 1,640 families with a 96% success rate
  • 558 youth/families were served through our Alternative to Detention Program. 96% of youth had no new arrests within six months of closure.
  • Youth in Transition provided housing and supportive services to 237 young adults/foster youth. 100% of residents went on to safe and stable housing. 80% of youth in our program for 12-months received their high school diploma or GED. 
  • Youth Job Readiness programs served 162 youth85% of youth successfully enrolled in college and/or moved onto gainful employment
  • More than 8,000 youth in 22 schools were served through our school youth services support programs. 88% of clients have family involvement in counseling.



Our goal is to improve our families economic situation through gainful employment and developing the social and financial proficiency to achieve self-reliance and enjoy a safe, healthy, and thriving lifestyle. 

  • Served 358 families and 429 individuals
  • 144 individuals were able to receive assistance in obtaining employment
  • 225 individuals were provided with gas cards and transportation passes to help them obtain and retain employment
  • 353 individuals and their families were able to receive emergency food
  • 852 individuals were able to file their taxes through our free tax services
  • 131 individuals were assisted with financial literacy, helping families understand not only budgeting but also identify and resolve financial barriers
  • 65 individuals received assistance applying for CalFresh or MediCal.
  • 21 families/ 83 individuals were housed and prevented from becoming homeless
  • 138 homeless individuals/ 47 homeless families were housed
  • 100% of the families who exited the programs were able to maintain housing




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